The fastest way to connect your HTTP services to the public web.

Step 1: Run a HTTP Service

echo -e "HTTP/1.1 200\n\nHello World!\n\n" | nc -l 8080

Step 2: Connect To Uplink

# download uplink client
wget https://getuplink.de/downloads/uplink
chmod +x uplink

uplink serve --addr :8080
# > serving uplink at: http://<some-uuid>.getuplink.de

Looking for another Platform? Go to downloads...

Step 3: Marvel

This is the fastest way, to get a locally hosted http service online with uplink. Want to get serious?

Learn more about persistent and/or custom domains with SSL over here.

Why Uplink?

Long version

The internet is great. And to stay great, is must be free and accessable for everyone: Consumers and creators alike. Since the early days, we see more and more centralization and walled gardens - more so in the recent past.

At the same time, hosting becomes more and more opinionated and abstract. So I encourage everyone to take a step back and experience the pain, power and possibilities of hosting on your own bare metal machine.

I have created uplink, to enable you to do this right now. No excuses. No messing around with ISPs and router configs. Simple, reliable, "batteries included" private hosting on the open web.